That Time I Met Regina Spektor and Adam Green and Had No Idea


I love music. I grew up around it. I listens to all kinds of it…

But I only know what the really ridiculously famous musicians look like.

Like these guys:


Maybe that’s wrong of me. Maybe I should learn what these people look like since I listen to their music over and over again and it touches my soul.

Or I could watch more Orange Is The New Black.


I could do that.

I’m not sure whether I should or shouldn’t feel bad about not knowing what, and let’s face it, most of the popular music people look like. Either way, after this post, I’ll probably only think about it when things like this happen to me.

Let’s start with Regina Spektor (even though it happened second).

30tgn0mI was working at the coffee shop. It was a chance for me to hear new music (since I stopped buying or otherwise acquiring music a while ago). At this point, I had never even heard of Regina Spektor. I’m still not even sure if she was big then, it’s possible I had just never heard of her or she was in her “before it was cool” phase. I did work with a lot of people who lived in Brooklyn.


Someone else’s iPod was on (normally the person who got there at 5:30am got to choose the music). I was on register. I helped a customer, grabbed her coffee, had a quick chat with her about something and she walked away. No big deal. Just another Wednesday.

I thought nothing of it until one of the baristas came up to me. “Oh my God. That was Regina Spektor. And you just talked to her like you didn’t even care. So cool.”


He was sure I knew her. I sang with one of her songs when his iPod was on.


But I didn’t know that song was hers. This particular barista played the same play list over and over and I loved it. Everyone else wanted to mutiny over it.


He made me listen to Regina Spektor and gushed about how she came in the store.


This reminded me of another time I had met a musician and had no idea.


My childhood best friend had asked if I wanted to go to a Devendra Banhart concert.


I said yes anyway. Since her family had moved upstate right after graduation, I barely ever saw her. I like music, tickets were pretty cheap, why not.

She happened to be on Long Island (yup, I was still living on Long Island with my parents at this point) a few weeks before the concert and gave me all of Devendra’s music so I would be ready for the concert.

Turns out he’s this guy:


and he’s pretty weird. But I dug it.

My friend had a borderline obsession with him, as she did with every celebrity she loved, and was really into his music.

She even made music video for one of his songs for a class.

Almost 18,000 hits. Not too shabby.

We got there five hours early. We wanted to hang out, but I also had the feeling that my friend wanted to case the place out… See where the artists enter and exits. We found it. There were already two young girls and one old obese woman sitting in lawn chairs at the doors.

After casing the place, we grabbed some Brazilian food and caught up.

We walked back with two hours to go and who was in line first?


We were.

The line formed behind us… and it was long.

A group of musicians walked up to us trying to get into the locked doors we had been sitting by for an incredibly long time.


But that didn’t matter. We knew where the entrance was. Time to be cool.


“Hey, you guys playing tonight?”

They looked at each other.


“Go around the corner. Your entrance is by the people sitting in lawn chairs. By the way, like you’re pirate outfit.”


They thanked us and headed toward their entrance.

Later we were finally being herded into the venue.  The girl standing behind us said “Oh my God, I can’t believe you talked to Adam Green like you didn’t even know who he is. That was awesome.”

Adam Green?


And then I realized why I knew that name.


Oh shit, right.

Later, when Adam Green came on, he decided to crowd surf. He dove and landed pretty much on top of me, thank god the crowd was able to carry him away.

Was he aiming for me?


Probably not.

Devendra came out…

Devendra Banhart performs at the Governors Ball on June 24, 2012.

… And was pretty good. It was definitely an entertaining show even though I didn’t know any of the music.

After the concert, my friend and I waited at the door. I remember talking to one of the band members for a moment.

Devendra came out. My friend got a picture with him and told him about the music video and the night was over.

Looking back, I will say that I was probably wrong about Adam Green’s outfit being Piratey.


He looked more like a captain.


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