My Summer Robert Rodriguezing It – June 24th part 2


June 24th – June 28th, 2013

Part two of this very odd day happened more than once.


On the 24th, I walked out of that acting studio with a new lease on life.


And I was off to a paid acting gig.

Life was good.


Sure, I wasn’t going to get any lines or to be Brangelina because of this audience I was going to be in, but I was going to get paid more than Trashy Maury…

in cash…

for a show on a good network.


I got there on the early side because they tend to overbook to make sure the audience is full, which meant the early bird would get the 30$ for two hours of work.


I stood on line and watched all the slightly odd people talk to each other.


The people you meet at these things can be nice.

They can be good contacts. They can be actual actors or people in the business.

Unfortunately, most of them are just people who had a good idea.


I met a guy who couldn’t pass the cop test – I sat next to him one of the days.


I also sat next to a social worker who was having trouble finding a job. She did a marijuana study she said she got $300 for.


You meet a lot of interesting people, but, just like anywhere else in New York, you have to learn to stay away from the crazies.


They shuttled us around like cattle and pulled 25 of us girls into the studio.

The main guy explained to us that this particular episode of this particular show (which I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to say until it actually airs) was about getting girls.


Umm… ok. I guess?

“Oh, and you’re also all going to help us break a world record.”


Eventually they let us know that we’ll be breaking a kissing world record.


One girl immediately opts out. They replace her before she’s even walked out of the stage area.

They asked if everyone else was ok to stay.


Moments later we found out we’d be kissing the hosts hand.


The 25 of us had to run around the host in a circle and kiss his hand more than 107 times in 60 seconds.

We got it after 2 off camera tries and 2 on camera tries.

So, yeah, I’ve broken a world record now.


Another taping of this particular show (which I’ll will make sure to mention that you should watch when it actually starts airing) also had a segment with a bug guy.


Side Story:
My Mom: Oh, Jeff Goldblum is so handsome.
Me: Ew.
Mom: No, wait til you see him in the fly.

This particular bug guy was showing the host things like cockroaches, tarantulas, and scorpions… which kept trying to escape the table the bug guy was letting them roam around on.


And one point the host, restless from having to do so many retakes, grabbed a scorpion and went rogue with it into the audience. He put it on one girl and she freaked out….

EmmaStoneDNW… as did the producers.

And during takes of the crowd being shocked, laughing, etc (yes, some tv shows have the audience fake things so that the editors can cover mistakes) the co-hosts pointed to me and said – “Ooo girl, you got that laugh down. Are you an actress?”


All in all, it was six hours of my life, I made $90, broke a world record, and didn’t get a scorpion put on me. Not a bad way to make some money.



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