That Time I Met Judah Friedlander (and Todd Barry)


There are very few comedians that I did not grow up watching on comedy central on Friday nights. I’d stay up late on Saturdays and watch SNL and watch the reruns on, again, Comedy Central. I loved funny people. I knew them all. I admired them. I wanted to be them.

39036818But, enough creepy for now.

30 Rock was a big thing for me. I loved watching it and thought everyone on the show was hilarious.


So Judah Friedlander (and his hats) were my radar.

Judah Friedlander

One night, before I had started working at the coffee shop in the West Village where I had grown used to celebrity encounters in the wild…


I was with my boyfriend at the time, who was not yet my boyfriend at the time…


He was taping a comedy show for his friend at the Eastville Comedy Club. He invited me to come along, but warned me about his friend’s act.

diagnostic-house-meme-generator-not-funny-830a1cBut whatever. I went anyway.

We sat in the back of the room, under the red light, and it turned out his friend was hosting. It was painful. He made a joke that he couldn’t see the black people (there was a big group of them) at the back of the room. They all laughed. They thought this white boy, who looked like Chris Farley, was funny.

That is, until, he started bombing and made the joke again… just louder.


The tone of the room got really intense. We weren’t sure if Chris Farley (who would later be my roommate and was a legitimate hoarder — which is for another post, and yes I have pictures) was going to be killed or not that night, but luckily he introduced the next comedian…

Who turned out to be…




Where I am?

What is going on??


He was funny. I think. I can’t remember. He took questions from the audience. I yelled out something about whether or not he could beat Chuck Norris in a fight. believes he can.

Moments later, I saw the red light go off, which, for those of you that don’t know means “time for you to get the fuck off the stage” to the person on the stage.

I told the camera guy that I had to go to the bathroom, causally walked out of the room, proceeded to the bathroom in the comedy club lounge, pretended to use the bathroom, then actually washed my hands (because I was in a comedy club bathroom in the east village and lord knows what lives there) and stepped out.

Luckily for me, I have perfect timing.


Judah Friedlander had just come out of his set. I figured I might as well play it cool. I’m hot. I could pull it off if I tried hard enough.

tumblr_mb6pndtYQD1qddi5do1_r1_250“Judah, great set.”

“Thanks,” he replied kinda enthusiastically.

So far so good.

“I was the Chuck Norris question.”

“Yeah, I remember you.”

And for some reason we ended up hugging…

and he mentioned moving his hands lower…

to which I replied “Honey, you’re a celebrity, you can put your hands where ever you’d like.”

tumblr_lisw4n1WZE1qztwteOur embrace ended and all of a sudden I hear a small voice from behind me say “Judah, there’s some guy taping in there.”

I spin around.

Half way through the spin I realize who it is, extend my arm and say:

“Oh. My. God. You’re Todd Barry.”

13_toddbarry_lgIf you don’t know who Todd Barry is, you should stop being stupid and check him out, he’s hilarious.

Todd unwillingly shook my head, nervously said “um, yeah” and turned back to Judah and said “Judah, there’s some guy taping in there.”

To which I boldly replied:

“Oh, don’t worry, I have sex with him. I’ll tell him not to for your set.”


Judah ended up following me on twitter, a conversation which made me miss Todd Barry’s set, but having my first famous follower was well worth it.

Judah Friedlander was in American Splendor with…

Paul Giamatti who was in Big Fat Liar with…

Frankie Muniz who was in My Dog Skip with…

Kevin Bacon.

I’m 3 degrees from getting Kevin Bacon to follow me on Twitter.


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