My Summer Robert Rodriguezing It – June 17th and 18th


June 17th, 2013

The other day I missed a call from a number I did not know.


Since I’ve been applying for… pretty much everything (with the exception of all the escort stuff) on Craigslist I quickly called them back. Apparently I had applied to a casting company and they wanted me to come in and audition for them.


I used to have an agent when I was a kid… she got me one unpaid commercial, but to her credit, I did audition a lot… So I had high hopes.

I got to a beautiful building in midtown where I had to sign in with the security guard to get in.


She told me to take the elevator to the top floor… Yeah, top floor.


Then get out, follow the hallway, find the stair case, and walk to the floor above that.


Ok. Ok. That’s not so bad. It’s still the top floor. The VERY top floor, in fact.

So what they couldn’t afford a floor with an elevator? They wanted me to audition for them.

keep_calm_and_fake_it_till_you_make_it_poster-r5ddde75551bf453ca9fe01f393368d76_va437_8byvr_512So I took the elevator, found the stairs (with the help of a hand written sign)….

ughhhAnd walked up to the floor the casting office was on.

I’m not really sure why, but the whole thing reminded me of Being John Malkovich.


I walk in and thought to myself: “It should probably worry me that all the couches in here are the same as the images that pop up when you Google ‘casting couch’.”

But I went in anyway, signed in with a guy who looked exactly like every evil villain executive I had ever seen in a movie, and waited for my turn to go in.


I met the casting director. She told me they work with background actors. She mentioned she was from the midwest and not NYC.

imageOh great. Now I had no idea how to judge her smile when I was reading my sides. People from the midwest are actually nice.

If she was from New York or California a smile means that they actually like you, any other face means you’re probably wasting their time.


People from the Midwest actually know how to smile just to be nice.


I left with a time to call back the next day to find out if she actually liked me or was just from the Midwest.

Y0UJCJune 18th, 2013

Today I didn’t have much on my planner. Watch the latest episode of The Bachelorette, call the casting company to see if I get to go in their data base….


Drink with my roommate. That was pretty much it.

So I waited until my appointed time and guess what – She liked me.


They said I’ll need a headshot, but I told them I know someone.


What I didn’t mention was that I’m that guy.

I’m a TV/Film student, with a camera, scoop lights, and an off-white wall in my living room. How hard could it be?

tumblr_m5exhwtj7T1rxpohzo1_250I’m sure I can figure it out…



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