That Time I Awkwardly Touched Liv Tyler (By Mistake)

Liv Tyler StrangersBack to the coffee shop in the West Village.

By now I was a little more used to seeing celebrities (I’d already seen Daniel Day as himself and as Lincoln).

There was a line out the door. We were in the middle of a rush.I was on register. I see this beautiful makeup-less creature walk up and smile at me.

She was wearing a hood and carrying a huge bushel of sticks (the trendy kind that are painted or something).

I thought to myself, “She looks familiar….” then it hit me.

Was it Rex Manning Day?

Possibly, but I didn’t have time to look it up – There was a line out the door.

I kept it cool. She was in a hoodie and sunglasses and obviously just wanted to be left alone. I smiled and got her iced Hibiscus tea (which a lot of the celebrities got. Half loved caffeine and half wouldn’t touch the stuff… considering how good Liv looks though, I’d say I probably shouldn’t have just had those two cups of coffee while I was writing this).

Anyway, I got her the iced tea, told her how much, got her money, made change… and that’s when it happened. Something so awkward I actually had to make my own gif because I couldn’t find it on the internet.

She put out her hand, I lowered mine to give her the change and that’s when it happened…

output_0k0CxiI lightly brushed Liv Tyler’s hand with my finger tips.

She was shocked. I was shocked. I knew she knew I was shocked because she knew that I knew who she was. It was awkward to say the least.

Liv Tyler was in The Incredible Hulk With Edward Norton…

Who was in Moonrise Kingdom with Jason Schwartzman…

Who was in Bored To Death with Kevin Bacon.

I am 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon.


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