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So, after an extremely long hiatus – I’m back.


But this time I’m going to actually try this for real. And I will prove that by not posting this until I have at least three other things written. And I have to wait until set day(s) of my choice* to actually post them. Not that I can actually prove this (unless that is I do, in fact, release multiple articles on said set day(s) of my choice*. But that isn’t instant gratification and if you’re waiting for anything for any amount of time, you’re being unAmerican.)

Damn Right it is.Anyway, as I was saying, what’s last happened last we talked…

Well, I had an internship at ABC News, which really spoiled me. I only got coffee 3 times (and one of them I offered and a coworker turned it down because he would need milk and sugar and swore he wouldn’t make an intern do that… so I did it to make him squirm), I met multiple celebrities (one of which I touched- Stay tuned to find out who!), I got paid, and everyone that worked there was really awesome. And I’m not just kissing ass. It was a great experience and there will be many blog posts about it.

I also made a festival award winning short film. Unfortunately, the festival was only in my school’s television department festival, but I can pretty much make that seem impressive as long as I don’t mention that second part. There will be a post about that and a link to go with it.

Also, due to that festival award winning short film, I have an arch nemesis. Well, I guess he’s not really an arch nemesis, he’s a friend that was making a film (in competition with me, but also working together) while I was making mine, then yadda yadda yadda we had similar preproduction schedules and couldn’t help each other and now we are arch nemeses… from what I’ve gathered anyway. I think of it as this:

images-3So… there’s that.

Also, since I had this arch nemesis had said some things to people he had angered during the course of making his short film that got back to me, I drunkenly agreed to produce a documentary that would happen two days. Did I forget to mention that this was immediately after the film that almost gave me a nervous break down won an award? So, instead of taking a break (you know, to study for the finals that I don’t remember taking, but I made it on the honor roll… so I must have taken them and done well) I went and produced a documentary called: Hurricane Sandy- The Grinch That Almost Stole Christmas (there will also be more on this in a future post).

From producing that film I made an awesome cinematographer friend (a fellow festival submitter) who actually bragged to people for me about how great of a producer I was (which shocked me, because I was very hung over and don’t remember exactly what I did to make him talk so highly of me).

From making my short film, I’ve now been working with a Grad. student (who is younger than me… but my mid mid life crisis can wait until later). In the past three weeks, we have written 2 pitches for 2 completely different movies. He describes it like this (and I’m Matt Damon in his eyes).

I was trying to find one that’s better quality, but the only other is in spanish. He’s a mexican though. And since everyone is doing it

mitt-romney-spray-tan-latino-hispanics-most-interesting-man-memeI’ll play to the latinos, as well. So, for your viewing pleasure en espanol:

And… Back from our ADD break.

So not only do I get to be the Matt Damon of this partnership, but my idea inspired him to not take no for an answer. He is excited about our idea and to shoot this movie.

And that’s sort of cool. An idea I had while I was high and listening to Ben Folds (no five) on the subway at 8:30am inspired someone to not take no for an answer. That sort of makes me a mix of all of these people…


I also might have another thing or two up my sleeve, but lets leave those for another time.

But, so that’s what I’ve been up to.**

Lots of fun stories to come.

By now you’re probably which celebrity (and where) I touched. And to answer that…….

cue music, ambiguous b-roll…..

Tune in next week to find out!

Until Monday….

See You At the Top

*Which I have finally decided will be Mondays & Fridays. You know, to help you not have a case of the Mondays, and to hurry your Fridays along.

**Oh, and I learned photoshop… finally.


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