That Time I Met Daniel Day Lewis

Growing up in New York, I do have to say I am a bit used to seeing celebrities. I’ve had a boss that has slept with a famous director and a high school art teacher who used to see LL Cool J at soccer games and everyone knows someone whose sister has an in at HBO, ABC, FoxNews, etc. It’s just a fact of life here.

It’s not that we’re special or somehow different from some who grew up in, lets say, Minnesota except for the fact that we have more celebrities here.

Also, since I have waited tables, been a cocktail waitress, and been a snobby barista in the West Village of NYC… I’d be surprised if my list of celebrity encounters was shorter.

I’d like to focus this time, however, on the times I met Daniel Day Lewis.

By this time, I was working at the coffee shop in the West Village. It was my third job in NYC. By this time I had decided waking up at 4:30am was much better idea than serving awful food or having to be a cocktail waitress until 3am.

It was a steady pay check (I had been poached from my cocktail waitressing job) and I was promised celebrities.

Boy did they deliver on that. Daniel Day was there everyday for a week. He got an espresso in a cup to stay. Sometimes he would sit, sometimes he would drink it and go. Even though he looked super bad ass with long hair and tattoos, he was polite every time.

Daniel Day didn’t come back for a while. From what I understood, he was working on some post production things.

Then one day this guy that looked JUST like Abe Lincoln came in.

It took me a minute to put it together. I noticed that he ordered black coffee instead of his usual espresso (which wasn’t invented until 19 years after Lincoln’s¬†assassination).

Abe came in a few more times, but was soon flown back to finish up post production.

I saw Daniel Day Lewis one more time before I moved to that coffee shop’s other location in the South Street Seaport.

This time I actually had a conversation with him about British comedy. One of my coworkers was asking him if he goes home to Ireland a lot. Of course, me being 3rd generation Irish (able to be a duel citizen) didn’t try to bond on that, I merely said: Oh, you get BBC out there, don’t you?

We ended up talking a little about how the BBC has a much better Tv model than America does. I recommended he watch Channel 4’s Peep Show (as everyone should). It is the BBC’s longest running comedies and definitely one of their best.

Daniel Day said he would check it out. He took his coffee and sat for a few minutes. He finished, walked the cup back to the counter, and left.

Daniel Day Lewis was in The Crucible (and The Age Of Innocence) with…
Winona Ryder who was in Star Trek with…
Simon Pegg who was in Mission Impossible -Ghost Protocol with…
Tom Cruise who was in A Few Good Men with…

Kevin Bacon.

I am 5 degrees from Kevin Bacon.


3 thoughts on “That Time I Met Daniel Day Lewis

  1. I’m one degree from Kevin Bacon. He was in a play in high school with my Psychology Teacher and they made out. One totally awesome degree.

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