I had to turn down a job.

Before today, I had never in my life turned down money.

When I was a little girl my favorite game was counting all of the coins I would put in my jar and dreaming of how rich I was going to be one day.

Now my favorite games are ones where I can get money, preferably without taking my clothes off.

Also before today, I have never in my life turned down going anywhere that famous, semi-famous, or people who know famous or semi-famous people are going to be.

Today I had to turn day a paying PA position for a magazine I’ve heard the name of on America’s Next Top Model, with a super awesome photographer whom I’ve worked with before… and this was all because of stupid school. Stupid graduating. Stupid trying to get a degree in case my mad plans of becoming Angelina Jolie (minus all the children and trade out Brad Pitt for Joseph Gordon Levitt; at the moment, anyway) happen to fail (which is really 50/50).

But things are looking up (when I’m not thinking about how I turned down a paid PA-ing gig for things I’ve heard on television).

I did manage to get an internship at a big TV network (which I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to talk about, in detail anyway). I’m going to learn a lot of useful stuff that will also be pretty neat (it looked like NASA) and there’s potential I can meet more celebrities than when I worked at the coffee shop in the West Village (where I had more than one conversation with Daniel Day Lewis and made an ass of myself in front of Jake Gyllenhaal- but those are different posts). And it’s paid.  – Gotta love big corporations.

So I’m very excited about that. But august is just about over and I didn’t do any of my august goals. This month was the first time I’ve been unemployed since I was fifteen. I went mental with the freedom and started going outside and playing hackey sack and doing yoga and going to farmers markets and getting away from my computer screen.

But, it’s back to reality (thank god) and I can no longer continue on like someone on Portlandia.

September is looking up, in the goal department anyway.

I have 7 pages of the first episode written to my webseries.

I have an internship where I get paid.

None of my classes seem completely horrible and most of my professors adore me.

Also, I’m on Season 3 of Breaking Bad (which is taking over my life).

What more could I really ask for after the first few days of school? I really should be miserable right now, but, oddly I’m not.

So bring it on, September. I’m ready for you.


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