I Think I Might Be Racist…

Well, I guess disliking people from New England isn’t actually being racist. But what can you call that without sounding silly?

Sectionist? Anyway, this is what happened.

Backstory: I’m working on writing a webseries.

I started doing some free writing. My characters are just at the point where I’m getting lines written down for them. Mostly one liners, but they have actual voices now. My characters are almost real, which means I’m almost ready to actually write something. Soon I will be writing a webseries instead of working on writing a webseries. I’ll have actual, tangible proof that I am doing something, that I’m working towards my goal of having at least Lena Dunham’s career.

Now, this goal may seem a little large to you, but that’s a mid-level goal. The CEO of goals is being Meryl Streep. Below that being Angelina Jolie without all the kids and picking George Clooney instead of Brad Pitt.

Below that is having George Clooney’s career. (It’s so far down the list because instead of being a “playboy” I’d be a “spinster”.)

Below that is being Aubrey Plaza.

Shameless advertisement.

Let’s not get in to semantics about this.

So… I’m free writing and I think of some funny interaction for the main character’s boyfriend and roommate to have. I write it down. I wonder what I want the tone to be. Then, off on some tangent I write:

“Is the BF too much of a condescending asshole to NOT be from New England?”

I had to stop for a second. Wtf was that? Why am I so hateful to New Englanders? Why do I think they’re all rich guys with Yatchs?

Oh, wait… is Connecticut a part of New England?

At least I’m probably not a racist.


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