An Introduction


From a very young age, I decided I wanted to be a star. Some may call it narcissism, some may call it drive, but I call it neither. No, this is something bigger. This is something I can become a part of. Something I can do to change the world. Creativity gives humans the rare chance to play God. I enjoy that chance.

Lucky for me, in elementary school I found someone who wanted to play God just like I did. Together, we spent our childhood making movies. In Middle School and High School, we would make a movie instead of writing a paper or some other project we wouldn’t feel like doing and the teachers were always amazed.

Towards the end of High School, we pulled apart. She dropped out of high school and moved to upstate NY and I stayed on Long Island, trying to find my place in the world.

In college, I would do a little bit of everything from Art, to Photography, to American Sign Language. For some reason, what I used to do when I was a kid seemed to fade away. I didn’t see making movies as a viable option for the “real world”. Until, one day, I went through a bad break up.

Having always been a writer (with few actual readers to hold me back) I turned to my computer. I made my life a script. But, at the end of the Romantic Comedy I was writing, I didn’t want the two characters (based on me and my ex) to get back together. They were broken up and it was over… and something new began. It was then that I finally realized what I wanted to do.

Writer, actor, director, production assistant- I was willing to do it all, I just wanted to help build little worlds that other people could live in.

I took a screenwriting class and a Film History class and transfered to a college in Brooklyn. This gave me a reason to move to New York City. I started dating a young director from my Screenwriting class. Later, I would switch my Film major to Television, having learned Film is about “art” and television is about “money”. (Money means jobs. Jobs mean actually being able to achieve your dream.)

I have lived in bad parts of Brooklyn, Midtown NYC with a hoarder, and have now found residence in South Park Slope with two roommates in the same professional field. I have met many celebrities as I’ve worked in manhattan and have already met my childhood goal of meeting John Cusack.

With all of my childhood dreams coming true, it’s time to find my new life goals. This is where this blog comes in. With a deadline and an audience, I will be forced to try. I’m 24 and (even though I look 17) if I want to make it big, I will have to start soon. This blog will keep me in line.

With all of this said, I invite you to join me as I get head shots, go on auditions, write, direct, and produce my own shorts and go from job to job in the great city of New York.

Come and join me as I Claw My Way To The Top.


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